Friday, December 14, 2012


The researcher used survey/interview questionnaire to gather facts from the respondents. It is used to proved and answer the questions regarding the study. It can be a concrete source of information because it involves the people who are needed to this study. The said interview is appropriately be responded by those persons who were 16-18 years of age. The primary objective of this research survey/interview questionnaire is to gather information from respondents regarding the views and ideas of teenagers in terms of Peer Pressure.

It is a big factor that the respondents cooperated in this study. The response to the questions are Question #1, most of the respondents answered that peers are people who lift them up and make their life easier. On question #2, majority of the answers said that they spend 5-8 hours a day with their peers. On question #3, they usually do hanging out in malls, homes and even explore new places. On question #4, they adopt and get influence some of actions and behavior of their peers in a certain situation. On question #5 they usually depend minor decisions in life on their peers. But still, they're trying to depend on themselves and decide for what is the best. On question #6, majority of them answered that it is still depend on them in managing their life. Peers are not the issue if it comes on handling their life.

Most of my predictions are related to the response of the respondents. Just like the answer on the question on which peers usually involved with some decisions of an individual make but not to the extent that their peers control their life because it still them have the last say. So when it comes to decision making, the choice is still up to them. Finally after this survey/interview such questions have been answered and proved and through this concrete information are built.

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