Saturday, December 8, 2012


Part of growing up is learning how to make a good decisions for our self. As we grow, our parents taught us moral values that molded us to have a sense of what is right and wrong. It is usually the right decision is the harder one and it is normal to care of what other people think about on us but we must have the courage to stick on what we know is right even when our peers are pressuring us to do things. Otherwise, it will allow us to feel good and be confident about our self and be a leader to others by showing that we can stand up for our self. Having a mistake in the past can let us learn from it and do better for next time.


Good peers are the ones who make you a better person. They are the one who helped you to achieve your dreams and the thing you wanted in your life. They make every little thing easier. The one who you enjoy to be with and complimenting you with every step you take. The one’s who never take considerations of the differences. The one’s who accepted you for who you are. And especially the one’s who influence you to do better.
A. Top/honor Students
This kind of people is the one who can really help you to achieve your dreams. They are the one who spend much of their time and effort on making their way to success. It wouldn’t be as easy as we think it is, but with this people it is possible for you to enjoy the journey towards success. They are the one who value every challenge of life and making a way to just step on it and face another challenge. They are the one who accepted what life can give. You should be with them because of their passion, and simply because they can help you to achieve what you want in your life.

B. People with credibility

This kind of people value everything they have and they consider the opinion of the people around them. They respect the people the way they want people to respect them. They give importance of the things they achieve and making a way just to maintain the things they already achieved. They value life and if you have them in your life, you can able to manage the things you already have and they will help you to be in the right direction.


Bad peers are people who pressure an individual to do illegal and to cause harm to others or yourself. This exist and it’s up to you whether you wanted them in your life. If you are wise you won’t give them the chance to influence you to be in the bad side. You are the only one who can decide. You hold your life; you are the one whose walking in the direction you wanted to be. You are the one who’s making a way.  If you pursue the things that can make your life better, you don’t have to consider the temptation of life. All you have to do is to ignore the things that will make your life a lot more complicated.

A. Addicts
People are aware of the teenagers that being involved in drug addictions, and different kind of vices. Most of the teenagers choose to be in this path. But, does life require you to have these pleasures. If you really have the ability to do what is right, you’ll never choose to be with this kind of people. Addiction can lead you to hell. It will never help you to make a direction and the path of making your life better. Bad health is all they can give. Health is wealth, if you have the guts to be a healthy individual you can able to do everything.

B. Trouble-Minded
If you are in the legal age and you are involved in the troubles, you should be punished. And if you’re still a minor, will you allow yourself to be involved in troubles? You should able to act in a good way because it is your credibility that you should value. People should see you making your own way to have your dreams of your own and not just see you with people who’s doing nothing but involved themselves in troubles just to prove that they are superior. Superiority is all about respect and not just about defeating other people. Maybe defeating the bad things are superiority because you can able to manage to do good things.

These groups of people affect the entirety of our social life and our social well being. It is important to know how to choose friends and how to choose the people that you should be with in order to protect yourself from harm in all aspects. It is important for the teenagers to realize that life doesn’t required us to have people who will push us to do worst. We are required to find people who will take us to do better. Friends are there to be our sword and we should never consider them to influence us to do wrong.

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